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Founded in 1993, the ARM business model offers a well accepted alternative to the traditional commission based broker support programs. With our Project Management process, retail support activity is focused on your brand, not blended with a long list of other tasks for other brands.

Growing your brand requires a collaborative effort with our vendors, retailers, and the ARM team.


Advanced Retail Merchandising is an organization devoted to providing high quality, value-added services to leading retailers and brand marketers in the southeastern United States.  We combine experienced personnel with an organizational structure using an activity based model to deliver accountable bottom line results in today’s marketplace. 

Our Values

Our Vision

Why ChooseUs?

Our services have evolved over decades of growing with the needs of our clients. Our goal is to make your products more visible and to drive sales growth. We provide retailer focused support for ALL production distribution activities.

ARM Dedicated
Sales Teams

The ARM Sales Teams are staffed exclusively by ARM employees, not a network of contract providers. All qualified associates have access to benefits including health care, dental, vision, disability, and the company's auto program. All are experienced merchandisers strategically located to enable them to focus on THEIR assigned stores.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated teams provide focuses support for all retail activities. Product support includes everything from new item management to continuity coverage programs. Marketing services provide local market intelligence, custom surveys, and analytics. Direct store delivery enables unit level ordering for each store. Features include warehousing, order management, shipping, and delivery.

Accountability & Reporting

ARM employs a custom enterprise system to manage the successful execution of each retail initiative. Implementation progress is reported daily from each team member. Project status updates are available on the ARM website. A variety of reporting options provide you with full accountability for all retail support functions.


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