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The ARM Category Management Program is designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes. This includes full involvement with each retailer’s support requirements and committed support for all of your brand building initiatives.

Planogram Maintenance

  • Planogram integrity is crucial for your brand’s positioning. Maintaining your planogram is as important as putting it in place. Without regular maintenance, your brand positioning may be minimized or displaced completely.
  • ARM will work with you to establish a coverage cycle within your budget to assure your items are properly merchandised in each store and validate that your planograms are up to date.

Category Sets & Resets

  • ARM can represent your brand at all category resets initiated by our retail partners. Each retailer uses a variety of different processes to manage product distribution in their stores.
  • Familiarity with these processes helps ARM improve efficiency and helps ensure success.  All retail activities are reported daily to ensure full attendance at each event.

New Item Management

Every retailer uses many different processes to implement new items. An error during any one of these could result in your product becoming a “Not Available” statistic.

With full accountability, the ARM program will not allow your products to become “Not Available.”

ARM is Ready to Manage The Categories You Sell

Fixture Assembly & Installation

  • Not all store fixtures are created equally. End Caps, Power Panels, Speed Tables, Dump Bins, etc., have tremendous lift opportunities if executed timely and effectively.
  • ARM can support these display building initiatives with a coordinated merchandising plan that is proven to work and delivers tremendous incremental sales growth and brand awareness. 
  • Let us build and maintain a consumer destination and shopper engagement point in-store to grow your brand. 

Marketing Plan Implementation

  • The most carefully designed marketing plans will not be effective unless properly executed at the retail level. Plans often require simultaneous deployment of many program support features.
  • ARM’s warehousing and distribution services can be used to assemble and coordinate distribution to our sales team members. We are fully prepared with everything we need when we arrive at the store.

Accountability & Reporting

All retail activities are reported daily along with all desired documentation. Project activity updates are available daily on the ARM website.


Direct Store Delivery

The ARM program enables unit level delivery in each store.

Continuity Coverage

Designed to provide ongoing support for your products.

New Stores & Resets

Professional support for your product is crucial during this store level retail process.

Market Intelligence

ARM can deliver timely, accurate, on-site market data for your informational needs.

Category Management

Designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes.

P.O.S. Delivery

Point of Sale programs CAN be effective tools, but must be fully executed in all stores.


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