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The ARM Direct Store Delivery Program enables unit level product delivery in each store. Features include warehousing, order processing, shipping and delivery.  Shelf stocking and maintenance occur regularly according to schedule.   EDI support assures full distribution. 

DSD Provides Total Control

  • ARM employees who are focused on your products regularly visit all stores.
  • With over 25 years of experience, we have developed our DSD Program to be extremely effective.
  • We use the latest in technology for everything from centralized shipping to store routing to ensure maximum product distribution. 

Complete Range of Services

  • Product orders can be entered directly on the ARM website or imported directly from an external source.
  • Orders are packed and can be shipped directly to the store or one of our staging facilities.
  • During every visit, we stock and maintain the shelves, and take care of any necessary re-ordering.

Total EDI Support

With total EDI support, the invoice payment process begins immediately. 

We ensure that product delivery and placement is going according to schedule with daily file transmissions. 

DSD Services

  • Order Processing
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Product Shipping
  • Invoice Approval
  • Shelf Replenishment
  • Sales Area Maintenance

DSD Advantages

  • Store Unique Product Mix
  • Placement Guaranteed
  • Shelf Space Guardianship
  • Inventory Level Precision
  • EDI & Analytics Support


Direct Store Delivery

The ARM program enables unit level delivery in each store.

Continuity Coverage

Designed to provide ongoing support for your products.

New Stores & Resets

Professional support for your product is crucial during this store level retail process.

Market Intelligence

ARM can deliver timely, accurate, on-site market data for your informational needs.

Category Management

Designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes.

P.O.S. Delivery

Point of Sale programs CAN be effective tools, but must be fully executed in all stores.


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