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New Stores &Store Resets

Each retailer uses different methods for reset implementation. ARM team members are familiar with the methods used in THEIR stores.  This enables ARM to provide more value than mandatory attendance. For your brand, shelf space will be secured and items will be fully stocked. There will be no missing shelf tags or POS (distribution program available).  You will always be aware of all store set activity performed on behalf of your brand.

Representation is Critical

  • There is an overwhelming number of merchandising representatives that attend each store set/reset.
  • At each location, retailer management decisions are made based on the store’s unique consumer needs and the physical layout of the store.
  • ARM merchandisers are fully engaged at the store level to maximize your product’s hard-fought distribution.

Location and Experience

  • ARM merchandisers are located strategically throughout the southeast. Routing efficiencies provide reduced travel time. 
  • They are well experienced local employees with a working knowledge of their areas. These factors combine allowing ARM to provide the highest quality of service a the lowest cost. 
ARM Retail Regional Coverage Map

Accountability & Reporting

  • All store set activities are reported daily along with all desired documentation. 
  • Shelf conditions are documented upon departure for all reset activities.
  • Project updates are available daily on the ARM website.
  • Full attendance at the retailer sponsored store sets is guaranteed.


Direct Store Delivery

The ARM program enables unit level delivery in each store.

Continuity Coverage

Designed to provide ongoing support for your products.

New Stores & Resets

Professional support for your product is crucial during this store level retail process.

Market Intelligence

ARM can deliver timely, accurate, on-site market data for your informational needs.

Category Management

Designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes.

P.O.S. Delivery

Point of Sale programs CAN be effective tools, but must be fully executed in all stores.


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