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Point of Sale &Installation

Point of Sale programs CAN be a very effective tool used to generate incremental sales. To be successful, however the program must be fully executed in all stores. That’s our job.

Maximum Value from Your Investment

  • You spend a lot of money on your Point of Sale materials. Your brand needs these elements to drive trial and consumer activation. Your marketing team has done all of the creative, now it’s your turn to execute the plan in the store. 
  • ARM can deploy all of your Point of Sale materials to every assigned store within a predefined delivery and installation window to meet a critical ad or new product launch for your brand.


  • With hundreds of merchandisers assigned to specific stores by territory and routes, we can cost effectively coordinate a retail blitz to install all of your critical Point of Sale in store. 
  • For time-critical deployments, the ARM Power Launch Program can be used to assure 72 hour execution. 

Accountability & Reporting

All retail activities are reported daily along with all desired documentation. Project activity updates are available daily on the ARM website. 

In addition, custom reporting options can be developed based on your needs. 

Allow ARM to do the Heavy Lifting


Direct Store Delivery

The ARM program enables unit level delivery in each store.

Continuity Coverage

Designed to provide ongoing support for your products.

New Stores & Resets

Professional support for your product is crucial during this store level retail process.

Market Intelligence

ARM can deliver timely, accurate, on-site market data for your informational needs.

Category Management

Designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes.

P.O.S. Delivery

Point of Sale programs CAN be effective tools, but must be fully executed in all stores.


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