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Focused support means we accomplish objectives established by you. Each activity is defined and results are expected. Your product is not just another line item blended into a long list of line items.  Our complete range of services provides a unified support program managed by you.  This includes everything such as Store Sets, Display Placement, New Items, etc.   With  ARM, you will always be fully aware of the status of all of your retail initiatives. This includes the store set attendance, mandatory planogram updates, marketing plan implementation, POS deliver, etc.

Dedicated Sales Teams Provide Operational Efficiency

The ARM Sales Teams are staffed exclusively by ARM employees; not a network of contract providers. 

How this benefits you:

  • Cost Savings through more efficient use of in-store labor
  • Increased sales with a focus on faster new item placements and timely cost-effective project completions
  • Alignment of goals and objectives with transparent budgets so there are no surprises

Comprehensive Support

  • With over 25 years of experience with our retail partners, we are familiar with the different processes that they all use to manage product distribution in their stores.
  • This knowledge enables your dedicated team members to more effectively execute all support tasks. Many assume product leadership roles in the stores they service.
  • Being actively engaged in all aspects of retail support will provide permanent benefits for your brand.

Accountability & Reporting

Objectives are established for every retail initiative and communicated to all team members prior to execution. Our collaborative process ensures all team members understand the scope of each task. 

Upon implementation, all retail activities are reported daily. The progress of your initiative can be tracked using the ARM website. Custom reporting options are available based on your needs.

Benefits of Working with ARM

  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Continuity Coverage
  • New Store Setup
  • Category Resets
  • Market Intelligence
  • Custom Analytics
  • Point of Sale Management
  • Promotion Display Installation
  • Marketing Plan Implementation


Direct Store Delivery

The ARM program enables unit level delivery in each store.

Continuity Coverage

Designed to provide ongoing support for your products.

New Stores & Resets

Professional support for your product is crucial during this store level retail process.

Market Intelligence

ARM can deliver timely, accurate, on-site market data for your informational needs.

Category Management

Designed to provide focused support for your brand for ALL retail activities and processes.

P.O.S. Delivery

Point of Sale programs CAN be effective tools, but must be fully executed in all stores.


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